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We have several branches throughout New Zealand


Bruce Gibson
Ph: (03) 327 0478 D.D.
Mb: 021 0844 1012
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John Climo
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About Us

Online NZ (onlinenz) is a leading Internet Marketing & Web Design Company.


Suprisingly, around 40% of businesses still don't have a website. It amazes me how a business doesn’t take take full advantage of modern technology that is now far more effective and cheaper nowadays. Not having a website WILL now cost you valuable business and it is now considered a necessity in the 21st Century. They need not cost a fortune as we also offer a FREE WEBSITE BUILDER on some of our hosting plans.

Over 95% businesses do not sell their goods online ... It probably cost them 10's of thousands of dollars to set up their traditional store, BUT, now they can do it online for a fraction of the cost and have 600,000,000 potential clients that can now purchase their products online - even while they sleep....
..... example ... Ten years ago a client of mine sold and serviced computers from a small shop in Johnsonville and then advanced to an online shop. He now works from home on the Kapiti Coast and sells $6,000,000 in product per year just off his website and most of it happens while he sleeps .. (:
The average price for setting up an online shop through Online NZ is around $900 and the programmes we use are ultra-optimised for the client's products too for high search results.
We specialise in zencart, mijoshop, Opencart and J2Store.

... our special DIY hosting plan even offers FREE ONLINE SHOP BUILDER included in the hosting ... for LESS THAN A DOLLAR A DAY!!! You can even add your first ten products FREE too!

The more audits i do on websites, the more i find that MOST are poorly optimised and are often severely outdated. I would say 70% of websites either need rebuilding to modern standards or at least have a make-over done. This doesn’t necessarily reflect on poor web design, but more so the lack of specialized knowledge to optimize the site well enough for the search engines to find it. I would strongly advise against “home-built website” option for these reasons. An amateur may have a nice looking site, but he is probably the only one that will ever find it to view it . (:
Give me, Bruce, a call on 03 327 0478 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want me to have a look at your existing site and give you some advice.

We have our very own Nationwide Online Shopping Centre.
This will be huge and also very lucrative to all concerned.
It will still be some time before we finalise it though.
It is primarily a nationwide online multi-store shopping centre that returns profits back to the members.
Sellers can list their products in their own site and Ourshopping only takes a small percentage of the sale.
Click on the link above and see how it works ....

All the time I hear unhappy clients tell me they paid over $5,000, five years ago to have their website built and get absolutely no additional business from it. Often it is because the site is outdated to search engine criteria, or the client wasn’t told that it needed marketing. An online business is the same as any other business and that involves a certain amount of work promoting it. It certainly helps if it has been set up “search engine friendly” as you are half way there...

It is probably worthy of mention that most of my own success over the years can be credited to the way I can regularly get extremely high serps (search engine responses) for clients without charging them a fortune for this service. (this is mainly for the seo (search engine optimisation ) and the internet marketing side of what we do).
Whilst a lot of it is my own personal skill, this huge asset is available from any of our branches throughout New Zealand too, as is the OnlineNZ Internet Marketing Programme . which also plays a major role by it's "association" with a clients website and the benefits it attracts automatically. In some cases it is seemingly invisible but does the job in the background. 
I have dozens of recent GOOGLE results that I can show you on request how we really do get consistent high google returns and not one of them has paid more than an additional $180 - $350 (one-off) for this marketing service. Most have not had to pay a cent as the site has been well optimised, in addition to having a promotional page and/or a banner on OLNZ. Most SEO companies charge from $300 - $1500 per MONTH for the same or lesser results and sometimes even then some of them don't deliver on their "claims"

If the client wanted a Google Page #1 GUARANTEE, then we can do that too, BUT  .. it does come at a cost … lol. Contact Us for a quote.

In the case of google map results, we pretty well know how to "optimise" those listings too. If we set them up for a client, they are rarely below page #1 /position #5 listing. If they did their own, the  ones we did (maybe their opposition) would surely outrank them .. (:


We have several branches throughout NZ and affiliates in Australia.
We have recently opened the system up to development in several more areas in Australia and New Zealand and have several vacant positions available.
These positions are available nationwide...
An Agent (rep) ... (would work under manager or Branch Owner)
An area manager - ( affiliate )... (one only per area) they may take on agents too
Licensee – and they may take on both of above for their chosen district.

Throughout our website, you will find many ways that Online NZ can help you in your business, providing a web presence by way of a simple banner, or a one page promotional brochure on our nationwide site, ( ) a custom website or even an online store where you can sell your goods on the internet 24/7.
In addition, Online NZ promote our client's websites at no additional cost and use the latest SEO (search engine optimisation) technologies to achieve highest rankings in the major search engines, in many cases gaining a first page return.