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Packt Open Source Awards [1] - Best Open Source CMS


Packt Open Source Awards - Best PHP Open Source CMS


Packt Open Source Awards - Best Open Source CMS


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Joomla Features

Joomla® 3.4 - Extra Features! Easy Updates!

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With the release of Joomla! 3.4, the user community has placed a large emphasis on making the CMS installation and updates management process as simple and straightforward as possible.

This will allow users to more easily and frequently migrate to the latest version of Joomla!, and take advantage of all the security benefits associated with running the newest code. We think Joomla! users around the world will really embrace this new process.

There are now thousands of free and low-cost templates available online, the choice is endless for you to choose one of those for your own application or Online NZ can custom design a Joomla Website for you that will reflect the "image" of your business.

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Easy UpdatesEasy Updates

The automated notification of Joomla! core and extension updates is a new built-in feature that simplifies site maintenance and management of updates:

  • - Available as a quick button on the administrative control panel of your Joomla! website, it enables administrators to update a site to the latest stable Joomla! release with just a single click.
  • - A second quick button handles updates for Joomla! extensions.

A major usability enhancement, this auto-updating feature eliminates the need to manually transfer and replace files on the server, converting a time-consuming, error-prone process into a seamless, effective, and time-saving experience.



Smart Search

This new functionality offers a faster, more user-friendly search experience for your visitors. It features natural language search with auto-completion and stemming, which allows the user to find relevant content by just typing the first several letters of a word.

Designed for versatility and speed, this native Joomla! component + plugins set gives you one-click automated indexing of all content items, categories, weblinks, contacts, newsfeeds, etc. It offers a large array of configurable options, including result description length, url length, and date filters.