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Bruce Gibson
Ph: (03) 327 0478 D.D.
Mb: 021 0844 1012
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John Climo
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Joomla Awards






Packt Open Source Awards [1] - Best Open Source CMS


Packt Open Source Awards - Best PHP Open Source CMS


Packt Open Source Awards - Best Open Source CMS


Infoworld Bossie Awards - Best Open Source Application


CMS Critic People's Choice Awards - Best Open Source PHP CMS



How Much Does Joomla Cost?

Joomla is available FREE of charge with our premium hosting plan for only $29.95 per month.
Contact us and we will setup your hosting account and give you instructions on how to load Joomla onto your control panel. From there you can customise and manage your Website to your own liking.
There are thousands of free templates online to choose from.

Online NZ can setup your Joomla for you on your own provided control panel as above for an additional $80.
From there, you can select your own themes and layout options. We provide you with a great set of video tutorials to make your job easier.

If you would like us to completely set up your Joomla website for you, including your images and text, we provide a website of up to six page fully setup for you from only $1195.
You can then edit the website yourself and easily add more pages and features if you wish or we can do that for you for a modest fee. (with this option, we use a premium layout theme - You can add more themes/templates yourself at any time through your admin area if required). For an additional $300, we can even design you a unique site with a custom layout.

Visit our main website to see our options or order your website online.

Joomla is open source and well supported by Joomla Developers.
There are many online tutorials

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to teach you each step of the way.
You can see video tutorials on our site too. Click here